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Preppy neighborhood bubble inside Loop 410 in San Antonio, Texas. People who live there are called oh-niners, for the last two digits of their zip code.
"We have an awesome tennis team at Alamo Heights High school."
by nattyk July 02, 2006
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Alamo. Heights is a small town in the heart of San Antonio. Alamo Heights is renowned for it's academic excellence and is also well known for their state champion sports teams. Many stereotypes are made about Alamo Heights. These are made by people who are too ignorant to realize that Alamo Heights is not a snobby, rich, bubble, but a wholesome community built on values and family. There are, although, some people who match this stereotype, but the normal people much outweigh the snobs. Many Oh9ers as they're called, are nice and considerate. Alamo heights is really no different from any other suburb and should be treated as such. Any one who bashes Alamo Heights is mostly just jealous and feels inferior to nothing greater than where thy are.
Alamo Heights highschool is great
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A neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas.. Is sterotyped for its snobs and rich people when its not true. Alamo Heights is a bubble in san antonio where the classiest people live, also in this area is Terrell Hills, the more expensive side of Alamo Heights. Most people who live in this area have a uniform every day of wearing nike shorts, toms, thirst, and ray bans. The O9ers arrant snobby, I should know i am one
Girl: "i live in Alamo Heights area"
boy: "Oh so thats why your mom is hot"
girl: *slaps guy*
by girlinthisworld April 24, 2010
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A small charming community in San Antonio, Texas. It is one of the oldest parts of the city with gorgeous old homes and huge trees. It consists of three neighborhoods, Olmos Park, Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills. The community has a reputation for being snobby, but we really are not. I live here so I would know. Of course, no matter where you go there will ALWAYS be snobs, bitches and douche bags, so it is just how life as a high school kid is. The "snobs" at the high school are basically excluded from every party because no one cares about what you have. Heights is literally just another generic high school.
*walks into a Reagen Party
Reagan kid: "Hey where do y'all go"

AH kid "Alamo Heights"
Regan kid "That's dope, y'all bring anything?"
*Brings out the Malibu and pours some shots
by DivoRules May 20, 2016
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09ers 78209
Incorporated into the city of San Antonio in 1922 this suburb holds a lot of charm as it's growth preceded the "cookie cutter" approach most developers took in nearby suburbs. Alamo Heights has the largest population of these suburbs by more than 2,000 with a total of 7,319. In the 2000 census the demographics reported that: of the 7,319 citizens 6,146 were caucasian, 992 hispanic, 181 other and the median income for families was $86,897.00. The reported median income makes this not the wealthiest suburb of San Antonio,believed by most, but rather the third wealthiest. It follows: Shavano Park with a median of $120,172.00, Olmos Park with a median of $103,571.00. Another important note is that Alamo Heights is a city of new money rather than old money such as the latter; which will continue as residents with education surpassing high school lags around 21.6%. Still with the median income as high as it is, there is a $45,205.00 difference between Alamo Heights and the city of San Antonio. Where the sensation over "09ers" begins is Alamo Heights High School where the students consistently perform lower than Reagan high school and Churchill High school but are proud of their performance in sports and the ignorant title of "rich" they have provided for themselves. I can't say it is all in their own hands however, complacency to their ignorance is provided by the public in the city of San Antonio.
In an ideal world:

person 1: "where do you go to school? "
Person 2: "Alamo heights. I know I know!*giggle*"
Person 1: "you know what? OHhhhh, that you're ignorant to reality?"
by Didihurtyourego May 08, 2008
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a snooty town, in san antonio texas. They are not actually very rich, but they like to pretend they are. everyone in alamo heights thinks they are rich, but others having lived in other places know they are not, and get really pissed off when these people try to act nonchalant and rich. they think they are the whole world, and their academics suck. Really, they do.
no one in alamo heights will understand this because again, they think they are everything.
"I'm from alamo heights, so i get a good education and have lots of money!"

"No you don't. You are stupid, and although not poor, mediocre. You are part of the bourgeoisie. Not that you understand that."

"whatever, i'm rich."

"haha, right..."
by Victori4 December 03, 2007
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