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Home of the Spurs, some tight rappers, and the hella best mexican food and Bar B Q ever.
by Jamie Ray April 02, 2006
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Home to the Alamo and the best basketball team in the NBA; the San Antonio Spurs.
I grew up in San Antonio, Texas.
by spursfan3000 May 07, 2005
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The 2nd largest city in Texas home to the Spurs and Tex Mex food, its a pretty cool city. The Northside areas are very nice and suburban you can find rich mexicans on the Northwest and rich whites on the Northeast. While the rest of the city is pretty much poor the Southside is alright but the westside and eastside are ghettos the west is like a border town lots of drugs and mexicans the east is like New Orleans sort of lots of black people and drugs lots of abandoned houses on both sides. San Antonio has a little bit of everything.
San Antonio is a mix city you have ghettos inside loop 410 and nice houses outside and loop 1604.
by AGUMON February 28, 2008
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Home of the NBA's best the San Antonio Spurs!!
1:Yo who was that team that beat the lakers ass??
2: Oh it was the San Antonio Spurs!!
by spursfan April 19, 2005
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9th biggest city in the U.S and growing. Located in southern TEXAS and is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Very very humid but still worth putting up with. Known as SA-Town to the locals.
Great place to visit, even better place to live.
San Antonio be swangin.
by Mark Grado April 07, 2005
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Ahh. San Antonio Texas. It's the second largest city in The Lone Star State, and it's growing! San Antonio is looked upon as a positive area, for it's large expanse of churches, large education options, and many inspirational programs. Most love San Antonio for it's shopping. Offering many different malls, the two stand-outs are North Star Mall, and La Cantera. North Star has everything. It even offers higher end stores such as Louis Vuitton. It is a good place for shoppers of all budgets. La Cantera serves mostly the higher end residents of San Antonio, offering many tre-riche stores. San Antonio is enjoyed by tourists everywhere, because of it's historical attractions, (like the Alamo,) and theme parks such as Splash Town and Six Flags. Also popular is Sea World! There's a little bit of everything in this town. While there are some lower-budget areas, there are also some beautiful sub-divisions, and a large expanse of beautiful sights to see.
Girl #1-"Hey, let's hit some shops! Austin or SA?"

Girl#2-"San Antonio all the way. We have got to throw some stacks at Nordstrom"
by vivalalindsey20 July 27, 2010
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