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Aksh is a cool, handsome boy. He has lots of friends. He is very cute and many girls like him. He is very smart and does great in school. Aksh is also very very good at sports, he is the man at basketball. He also {may} has an older sister who is very nice and pretty. Anyone who is friends with this boy is very lucky as Aksh always is loyal to his friends. He respects girls and every girl is lucky to have Aksh in her life
girl: omg!! who is that hot boy
boy: oh, he 's my friend "Aksh"
by bunny21847332 June 25, 2018
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Short for "actually".

Simmilar to "obvi" for "obviously".
Bob: Hey how many sons did you have? Three was it?
Bill: I only have 2 sons aksh...
by Albanian K June 28, 2010
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