When somebody thinks that you really give a fuck about what they are saying when you dearly dont.
Rude Girl: You better watch what you do before i have my boys beat down on yo ass cuz im frum fifth ward baybay i dont play
nice girl: Nobody asked about your life story with yo brainyass.
by middleskoolgyrl March 18, 2013
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Someone who gives a lot of brain which means to suck dick (similar to head).
"There's this girl down my road who's proper brainy"
by London07 February 27, 2017
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Noun. A guy who will stop at nothing for the attention of girls way out of his league. A Brainy's preffered method of attracting females is similar to a war of attrition whereby he feels that enough time spent around girls will eventually result in him getting laid and any man, friend or foe, who stands in his way deserves to be stabbed in the back.
James was a total Brainy last night when he told my ex about me and that other girl!
by Brad lord April 22, 2006
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1. describes a very smart person
2. A forehead wrinkle (aka worry line)caused by too much deep-thinking by the aforementioned very smart person
plural: brainies
definition 2: Check out all the brainies on that dude's forehead...talk about a prime candidate for a facelift!
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You are a brainis
You have a brainis for a brain
by Noonzy May 20, 2008
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A smart guy; a nerd or a geek. Taken from a short-lived Columbia University TV program.
(1) The waitress messed up my order; she is no brainy todd.
(2) That guy was studying all night; what a brainy todd.
by rocrates November 13, 2007
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When that one person has to but into a conversation and interjects their know it all mentality, pissing off the other members of the conversation.
Damn, Angelica is such a Brainy Smurf! No one gives a fuck what her opinion is.
by Cool James and Black Teacher October 31, 2016
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