A large flying ship, usually made of wood. Normally flies using many propellers, but can also be high tech and use engines.Sometimes are powered by crystals or mist. See Final Fantasy
"Dude, the airship from FF3 is great!"
by Bimber March 25, 2004
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A flying vehicle. It is often a type of dirigible, such as a blimp.

A ship that flies.

They can be found in some role-playing games such as Final Fantasy, and are flying vehicles that seem to use a combination of aerodynamic principles and magic.
I was very excited when I first acquired the Airship in Final Fantasy 1, it made my travels much easier and more fun. The airship travels at four times walking speed across the world map. That seemed very fast to me at the time.
by Athene Airheart May 15, 2004
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1 - The pinnacle of independant game creation.
2 - The best game one can possibly create.

The term originated in an Internet community of game designers who worked with the OHRRPGCE. A "Do-More-With-Less", time-limited game creation contest produced only two results, both of which were so poor that it prompted one of the members(named Gilbert), to vote for a 3rd imaginary game, entitled Airship 2600. The game proceeded to garner more votes than either of the other games and unofficially won the contest.
Your graphics are good, but they will never be as good as Airship 2600's.
by T-Master January 20, 2004
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While Having intercourse with a woman, After the woman orgasms, you can scream Russian Airship and proceed to put the woman onto her back and continuously shit over her in a straight line going from head to feet, leaving a trail of shit across the path. This has been a custom in many kinks however, this is a extreme circumstance.
"hey bro, did you try the Russian Airship with your girlfriend?"
"I did, but she wasn't happy with the smell Afterwards, I think I also left some on her carpet"
by TooHighTooDrive January 17, 2021
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Used to describe a lady well endowed in the breast department walking past.
"I say, her comes Daphne from accounts"
"Yes, and I see it's still a dead heat in the Airship race"

Airship race (dead heat in the)
by Tony Yates April 28, 2007
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