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One of the most ruthless gamers of all time. He has enforced noobs sooooo bad that it is said the tears of noobs is what fuels his insatiable hunger for blood. It Is rumored that his name is Michael and that he got the nickname from doing hood rat shit with his friends.
(Noob) why did you kill me man? (The Enforcer) you just got enforced kid!!!!
by MC MMA July 31, 2018
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The greatest superhero ever he rules the halls of bedford middle school with an iron fist. It is speculated that his alter ego is Michael
Guy: Aren't you The Enforcer
Michael: Um no what are you talking about
by The Enforcer July 21, 2006
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The one guuy in a group of friends who main job is to stand up for the rest of the members and use intimidation to get out of fights or to be the one who does most of the fighting
Dude, you better not try anything with that girl, the enforcer of her group looks like he can really brawl.

Girl 1: I can't belive your ex-boyfriend said he was gonna kick your ass!
Girl 2: I know but i sent Joe (the enforcer) over to "talk" to him and now he leaves me alone
by Jim Beam Fan November 21, 2007
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