A developing redneck town found in Alberta Canada- which mainly consists of rapscallion up-to-no good underage drinking teenagers, unconventional hipsters, and cranky suburban families. Often called "Calgary's armpit."
Rebellious teen: Airdrie wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so full of old seniors yelling at us.

Crochety old Man: Get off my lawn you hippie!
by Lady Licorice October 26, 2010
A pretty small city with some nice and caring people, but the rest are degenerate douchebags. Located in Alberta, Canada, this city has horrible drivers, basic b*tches, LOTS of scooter fags, meh schools, pretty good job opportunities, and a shit ton more. Basically a really downgraded Calgary, Alberta with a stupid amount of idiots, cool hangout areas, and oh yeah... there's an Airdrie moms group.
"Hey wanna visit Airdrie?"
"Nah that place is trash."
by killerkimstar September 2, 2017
The City of Airdrie is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada with 39,822 people located 10 minutes north of Calgary. With a wide range of housing options available in both new and established neighbourhoods, people are discovering that Airdrie offers a small town lifestyle with big city amenities.
Quick Facts about Airdrie

Location - Calgary-Edmonton Corridor (Queen Elizabeth II Highway-Provincial Highway #2) 32 kilometres north of the city of Calgary (city centre)

Elevation - 1,089 m (3,573 ft)

Population - 39,822 (2010 Civic Census)

Size - 33.77 sq km

Local Economy - Local and regional retail, construction, manufacturing and professional services

Genesis Place houses pools; a water slide; gymnasiums; indoor field house, fitness centre and more.

Our regional recreation complex is equipped with twin ice surfaces and a gymnastics club.

Professional golf course located within city limits; the Woodside Golf Course.

Bert Church Theatre offers a live, stimulating fusion of professional and amateur productions

The Airdrie Pro Rodeo attracts professional cowboys from all over North America allowing you to sit as close as you can get to all the action.

The City of Airdrie is dedicated to ensuring parks take prominence in all developments and miles of pathways add to the beauty of our City, linking our neighbourhoods.

In December, the Festival of Lights attracts over 100,000 people to discover the magic of Christmas.
by City of Airdrie February 2, 2011
A city that is basically one giant hotel for people who have jobs in Calgary, which is a superior place in almost every way you can spin it. If you go anywhere is southern Alberta and say your from Airdrie, people will most likely either call you autistic or say "Where's that?" and everything in-between. Now that I think of it, yeah, Airdrie fucking sucks. We have one medical clinic for 78,000 people, and that clinic has never been staffed to anywhere near full since I've been alive. We also get a lot of the refuge (or garbage) from Didsbury, so now we have drugs fucking everywhere, I can now by acid from a teenager, cool. Im pretty sure two people have died from the water slide at genesis place. There road problems everywhere, there's Karen's everywhere. In Airdrie, we have one really affluent neighborhood that has this big red sign that says "Voted Airdries BEST community 9 years in a row!" which makes me vomit a little bit every time I see it.
"Hey do you want to stop for Tim's on the way to Calgary in Airdrie?"
"Yeah sure I guess, just make sure you have the Glock loaded and ready to go, just in case."

"Hey after you graduate, are you moving or staying here in Airdrie?"
"Fat chance, I'm either going to Calgary or moving up to Fort Mac!"

"Ok, from Cochrane, to get to Irricana we can go through Airdrie, it'll be shorter."
"Lets go around, I would like our dignity to be somewhat intact."

"I think I'll join the Airdrie Mom's Facebook group"
"Mom if you do that, I'm no longer your daughter as far as I'm concerned."
by Lee_Harvey_Oswald September 16, 2020
Airdrie great place to bring your kids!!
Your kids will be introduced to boofs and underage drinking!!!
Friday nights are for banging chicks saturdays are for drinking with the bois it’s the place to move if you want your kid to grow up to be a real man
Don wanna move to airdrie?
YES! I wanna bang chicks and drink beer!!
by Not from Alabama May 29, 2019
The act of remaining naked after a shower/bath and drying off naturally, facilitated by being naked.
im airdrying right now. i got outta the shower and dried off with a a towel a little bit and before i put my clothes on, im just gonna chill out in the nude for a bit until im totally dry.
by Zaph69 July 22, 2006
A socially deprived town in North Lanarkshire whose population consists of football hooligans, Nazi sympathisers, single mothers and junkies.
I'd rather live in a caravan than in Airdrie
by Ham Shank March 18, 2005