A term used to describe a sent text message with no reply, usually in regards to the attempted courting of a female.
Jay: Yo did you text that broad?
Jason: Airball
by The Achievers February 21, 2013
When someone airballs every single shot in basketball, he represents airballism
(An airball is when the basketball shot doesn't touch the rim)
Synonyms include Airballivity Airballness
A airballs a shot
B Wow, are you the official representative of airballism?
by Halabtsi December 5, 2015
1) A shot in the game of basketball that does not make contact with the goal.

2) A word chanted by basketball spectators when a player fires a horribly errant shot.
Kobe Bryant hoisted up a three-pointer but it was a total airball.

The Arizona State player tossed up a horrible shot, and the crowd chanted, "AIRBALL! AIRBALL!"
by Anonymous February 15, 2004
a type of paintball play. A field with inflatable bunkers for paintball games.
I went paintballing over the weekend, and there was an airball field to play on.
by Keith April 7, 2004
to miss out, not show up, or not partake in an event, regardless of reason.
dude you airballed the party on saturday!
don't airball on our race after school.
you didn't make the game last night, you airballed it!
by tara dm May 14, 2006
Basically Ziyad. Ziyad can't make a shot for his life. my friend will beat him in 1 v 1 easy
Did you see Admiral Airball shoot 23 airballs in a row yesterday?

Yeah bro, it's Ziyad.
by David Xu Birchwood June 11, 2019