when you (as a little baby man) want to be picked up and lifted into the air by another person.
Uppies! Uppie, uppie uppie! Hm... No uppie? It's Mr. Worldwide, it's Mr. 305. If you do not give me an uppie, I will piss all over your feet.
by monkeysforsale May 4, 2021
The bay area word for shoes, kicks, sneakers, nikes, etc
Damn Jay Jay those are some hella clean and fresh Uppies
by vampire thizz slayer December 13, 2008
When you want somebody else to help you get somewhere higher up
Can you give me Uppies dude?
My Uppies got rejected
by StarDude560 May 29, 2020
UPPIE! UPPIE! UPPIE! give me an uppie or I will piss all over your feet
by CielStar April 26, 2021
When a female picks you up curls you while giving you oral head.
Last night Susan gave me some fire uppies
by Pizza Crew July 19, 2022
In a good mood, with energy
I'm feeling uppy from the cotton candy

He wasn't too uppy since losing 50-1
by kloon882 September 13, 2019
verb; happens once like a burp but sounds like a hiccup; may occur like hiccups to some people
I had an uppie in class today and my teacher asked if i would like some water to stop it.
by marlisy-kinz November 23, 2010