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The bay area word for shoes, kicks, sneakers, nikes, etc
Damn Jay Jay those are some hella clean and fresh Uppies
by vampire thizz slayer December 13, 2008
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In a good mood, with energy
I'm feeling uppy from the cotton candy

He wasn't too uppy since losing 50-1
by kloon882 September 12, 2019
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Another word for "shit". Used in southern India. However, cannot usally be used in the same sence as "Oh shit!" or "Why the hell isn't this shit working?" Can be used more as an insult or just to make sentences sound funny.
You're such an uppy.
by Superxam August 08, 2003
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When a boyfriend asks to see under a girls shirt.
Let me see uppy.
by Ria N March 26, 2017
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Opposite of downies
I got a 100% on my math exam, i have the uppies
by Joeqaz741 February 05, 2011
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