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Basketball sneakers made by Nike in 1982, but re-released in the 90's because everyone wanted to buy a new pair. To this day, they are the most popular basketball shoes on the planet: nike spends no money advertising air force ones, yet the amount of air force ones sold IN A MONTH is equal to the amount of ALL of the air jordans PUT TOGETHER sold in a year.
this was talked about in the movie, Just for Kicks.
Low-top air force ones are also very popular as fashion sneakers, because the shoe has a clean, classic design, and the all-white low tops or all-black low tops can be had for $80 a pair, and several sneaker customizers, including famous graffiti artists like STASH and futura2000, use the air force one sneakers as a blank canvas to design new things.

also referred to as uptowns, G-Nikes, nike airs, uppies, harlems, baltimores, forces, and air forces, etc.
person 1 - Man, when did you get those new air force ones?

person 2 - i went out to the bay, HUF San Francisco did a collabo with nike and i thought they looked fresh.

person 1 - word dude, i wish i could afford nikes the way you sneakerhead niggas can!


Uptowns, we call 'em uppies when they on divas
prolly worn when KRS-One teaches
Nas, made you look before the haters
i bet you Kan had 'em on when he walked with jesus
- Rakim in Classic (Better than I've Ever Been) made to celebrate 25 years of the Air Force Ones.
by B!0hzrd June 07, 2007

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Turquoise & black SB Dunks made for Diamond Supply Co. called tiffs because the colors are similar to a tiffany jewelry box.
eyy playa, how'd you get those tiffs! only like 700 pairs made, i thought!
by B!0hzrd May 29, 2007

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Skateboarding, or anything that refers to nike's skateboarding shoes.
My buddy has a collection of SB's, mainly pink box dunks because he's a hypebeast but it's still cool!
by B!0hzrd May 29, 2007

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