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A person who is a member of the Air Training Corps. Generally hasn't got much spare time, can find a McDonald's in seconds no matter where they are. Strange obsession for shiny things e.g. Stripes. They are commonly referred to as 'Spaceys' by the RAF. They hate all that is Army and Navy, or they should.
Hey, that weirdo stroking those shiny stripes is an Air Cadet!
by McBabe May 20, 2009
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Absolute legend who probs thought a rocket took them to Spain last year but managed to win a trophy in aircraft recognition. Pro navigators who can find any maccies even in the middle of bloody nowhere. Largely obsessed with anything shiny .Better than all of the cadet forces because we're posh and have brains, unlike army and sea cadets who are all abit thick.
Person 1. After dofe I fancy a maccies, do u know where one is?
Person 2. No were in the middle of nowhere

Person 1. Where's the nearest...
Air cadet 1. The nearest McDonald's is exactly 2.76827 miles from our current grid reference, according to my calculations it should take us 3 minutes to drive
by 90spekelad March 22, 2017
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A person between the ages of 12-18 currently in the air cadets. Usually very smart and has a passion for planes. Can do things better than Sea Cadets and Army Cadets.
by Just a guy 01 June 14, 2016
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A young aircraft enthusiast belonging to the ATC. Can, will and have chased pilots for miles in order to obtain their signatures on an item of clothing.
Who's that in that RAF uniform?

That's an air cadet.
by Capsicle July 29, 2016
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Army Cadets use the term "Air Cadet" mockingly due to the imbeciles that form the Air Cadets.
An Air Cadet (or Sea Cadet) is usually referred to as a mong by all Army Cadets alike. This is due to the Air Cadet's lack of physical strength, training, skill, mental strength, competence, marching discipline or ability to even compare to the Army Cadets. This makes them a running joke for the ACF.
Army Cadet NCO: What fucking Air Cadet lost their rank slide?
Basic Army Cadet: It's mine, NCO.
Army Cadet NCO: Don't be such a fucking mong, Basic.
by ACF > Other ones November 18, 2018
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