Describing one as if they are nothing
And_You_Hype on Twitter ain't shit.
by IAintShit_Yet May 2, 2016
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Will never amount to anything based upon present actions
Keosha Just Did That Boy Wrong She Ain't Shit
by MollyMasochist August 5, 2019
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A Phrase that is used to express ones disregard for social norms or common opinions.

Also the name of an great podcast called 'The Aint Shit Podcast'
'Fuck societies opinions man , they ain't shit'
'Don't let anyone pull you down from the top , they ain't shit man"
'Yo ex aint shit , move on'
by nonamebalucci October 5, 2020
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= You're nothing.
However, 'you ain't shit' isn't necessarily an insult. You can comfort someone by saying that they are not shit.
You ain't shit vs. You are shit is definitely not the same. 'Ain't' is a general negation vernacular term.
FuckBoy : I cheated on my girlfriend and I don't even feel guilty haha
GoodMan : Really? You ain't shit, dude! (insult)
by SNBX June 27, 2016
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A nigga that ain't about shit. A deadbeat. Will never amount to anything and has no purpose in life, at all. And this applies to all ethnicities.
"We slept together and I haven't heard from him since."

"Girl, that's because he's an ain't shit nigga! Don't worry about him... move on!"
by ali10elyg November 19, 2009
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Self explanatory. Bitches(as in ho's and sluts and ugly cuntfaces) ain't(are not) shit(nothing good. stupid. smelly. ugly.
Dooby: dude wtf. girls hate me. im gonna go to mexico when no one is looking!
jeff: Bitches ain't Shit!
Dooby: :( i am robo dooby. i have no emotion.
by jeffwebb November 21, 2005
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An Aint shit ass nigga is a dude who will never amount to shit. He will never want to amount to shit, never will accidently amount to shit, and is never going to aspire to amount to shit.
Man that dude Chris Hendrix is an ain't shit ass nigga, he ain't got a job or a hustle and his dick is so small it looks like a pussy.
by Methguyver May 1, 2021
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