Usually a girl.
She's so beautiful even a crow would faint at the sight of her.
Her heart is kind, and she is always smiling.
However, sometimes she can let of a high pitched wailing which will deafen anybody within 100 yards of her.
Aily is quite often short for the scottish gaelic girls name Ailish.

Aily: Hiya doll!
Friend: Hey Aily! i love you! your so beautiful!
Friend: OUCH!
by RitterBAG March 15, 2008
Lovely girl who likes to be crazy but is also mature. She might have secrets but she always blurts them out in the end. She will be the funniest person you will ever know in your life. She always has a boyfriend and that's because she is so lovely and nice. Boys will chase her because they want to be with her. She will be led were her heart takes her and won't be afraid to say what's on her mind.
Boy1: wow look at that girl!
Boy2: she's so hot!
Boy1: her name MUST be Ailie!
by Banana Buddeh November 18, 2013
Finnish for "light giver". Dates back to 8th century b.c. when Mary, Queen of Finnland, bore a child in the middle of a rainstorm. The storm broke just as the child was delivered,and so the baby girl was named Aili. Traditionally this name has only been given to those of royal descent.
by ailik July 31, 2008
Ailis is a sophisticated, sexy, talented girl. If you are friends with an Ailis you are lucky! She is usually naturally beautiful and brunette, everyone is jealous of Ailis. The name means 'noble' and is of Irish origin.
If you know an Ailis, tell them you love them!
Guy 1: "Dude, did you see that hot girl over there?"

Guy 2: "Yeah that's Ailis!"

Guy 1: "Dayuum, she's fine."
by mousybrown May 10, 2011
a sexy lil thang, usually a female
'omg look at that ailie!'
by AILZBABEY February 9, 2008
This is an extremely hot person, with a gorgeous body and great personality. Normally the name is mispronounced but an Ailie never minds as their always cool and collected.
Omg did you see Ailie last night, she look smoking!
by dynamitebabyxxxxx August 18, 2011
She is an extremely sassy girl, she is really funny, and always has your back. Sometimes she can be a jerk if you turn her down. If you are on her good side, she is always there and down to chill, but if you are on her bad side, it's like hell, not to mention she is a boss at silent treatments.
person 1"What did I do to upset Aili?"
person 2"Idk"
person 1"She is giving me the silent treatment, It's scary"
peson 2"LOL"
by NUGGET OF THE CHICKEN February 22, 2018