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Finnish for "light giver". Dates back to 8th century b.c. when Mary, Queen of Finnland, bore a child in the middle of a rainstorm. The storm broke just as the child was delivered,and so the baby girl was named Aili. Traditionally this name has only been given to those of royal descent.
They named the child Aili
by ailik July 30, 2008
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Ailis is a sophisticated, sexy, talented girl. If you are friends with an Ailis you are lucky! She is usually naturally beautiful and brunette, everyone is jealous of Ailis. The name means 'noble' and is of Irish origin.
If you know an Ailis, tell them you love them!
Guy 1: "Dude, did you see that hot girl over there?"

Guy 2: "Yeah that's Ailis!"

Guy 1: "Dayuum, she's fine."
by mousybrown May 10, 2011
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A model and the hottest bitch on the planet. Huge boobs and heart for others, with an incredible voice and musical sense. Best friend to many and best for watching scary movies with. Little bit crazy sometimes and overreacts but still chill.
Holy shit who's that babe?
Thats Aili, she's super dope.
by logan mott May 28, 2014
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She is an extremely sassy girl, she is really funny, and always has your back. Sometimes she can be a jerk if you turn her down. If you are on her good side, she is always there and down to chill, but if you are on her bad side, it's like hell, not to mention she is a boss at silent treatments.
person 1"What did I do to upset Aili?"
person 2"Idk"
person 1"She is giving me the silent treatment, It's scary"
peson 2"LOL"
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Earnest and hardworking she will also do whatever it takes to protect her family. She is an inspiration and the epitome of sassiness.
Mama bear Aili!
by Geborene konig November 24, 2018
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That girl who sits by you in class, with the glasses and blonde hair. But if you look behind those glasses, you will find gorgeous eyes. You might not even be able to decide what color they are. She's smart and funny, that amazing girl with the amazing eyes.
" You're almost as smart as Ailis!"
" I wish I looked like Ailis!"
by partyponies234 September 06, 2016
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