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Aile is a very beautiful name for a girl

It could mean she is very lovely,kind,unique,good looking and other nice things. It also means she has beautiful brown or hazel eyes a lot of boys like her but she is not one of those girls that goes abd date all the guys she can get when she says she loves you she means it and even tho you break her heart she will still love you no matter what happens ( ;
Aile is a beutiful person
by BACkisnewPink May 19, 2018
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aile is a fake word known as a β€œphoney” or β€œphony.” It is used in the game of scrabble to win the game. It can also be used to throw your scrabble opponents off their game.
I played the word aile in scrabble and then I won the game.
by ChristinaLovesJon January 21, 2019
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