Aile is a very beautiful name for a girl

It could mean she is very lovely,kind,unique,good looking and other nice things. It also means she has beautiful brown or hazel eyes a lot of boys like her but she is not one of those girls that goes abd date all the guys she can get when she says she loves you she means it and even tho you break her heart she will still love you no matter what happens ( ;
Aile is a beutiful person
by BACkisnewPink April 1, 2018
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The most beautiful girl you will ever met. Always keeps it classy, while still being flirty and fun. When it comes to people being mean, Ailed’s are not really nice. When you met a girl named ailed, she will keep all your secrets. Don’t ever lose a girl named ailed because you will need her one day. Ailed are beautiful and amazing and smart and they always get what they want.
Person 1 - “ wow ! That girl is a boss , she is really beautiful man ! “

Person 2 -“ yeah , that’s the Ailed girl “
by Emilys January 17, 2018
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A good and smart girl,who can also get in trouble.She is gorgeous and sensitive on the outside but confident and charming on the inside.She can get with any boy ,exept the nerds.They will love and care for her for the rest of her life.
Are you doing hat trend on tiktok,Hailey?
by psicho 123 June 1, 2020
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Your actual name is hailey you just scrolled thru Tiktok fyp and found a trend That you took the first and last letters of your name and ended up with alie
Omg you got a new name
Yeah it’s called aile
It’s soo cool
Thanks to tiktok
From tiktok that’s soo cool I wanna do it too
by Hehehehyouu July 19, 2020
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ail, ailing, ailed, ailment (verb, noun, interjection)

an expression of some volume, high pitched and whining, meant to portray a sense of happiness or provide pedestrians with some distraction. The act of ailing is usually performed while extremely intoxicated, usually by a narcotic agent such as marijuana. Ailing is, as a rule, intended to bewilder and stun onlookers. In recent parlance, the word "ailment" has been appropriated for use in defining one's intoxication level.
ex. The Cond and I exchanged ails as he approached the party with a case of Budweiser.

ex. The joggers were stunned by the loud droning ail emanating from the passing Cadillac.

ex. "Hey dude, what's your ailment?"
"I'm fucking destroyed, man"
by The Cond August 27, 2005
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Ail is the lost egyptian Gods that birth from human child and trained by Anubis to become another God Of Destructions. If there is a boy that named before Ail,then he will have something amazing hidden in his vessel. He is also have a nickname, it's a Human Who Survive.
A:You know Ail?
B:Ail who?
A:You know,the guy who survives!
by GX 01 January 1, 2018
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A good little girl who is submissive and clingy. Doesn’t take no for an answer
by Noelreves November 23, 2020
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