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1. Unique, one of a kind. Uncomparable to anything else.

2. An exceptional person.

3. The one.
1. Last year I was introduced to a dashing gentleman who was a perfect mix of intelligence, adventurousness, poise, and humor. He was Ahad.

2. I thought I would never fall in love or get married. And then I found Ahad. He is the best!
by Zobu April 20, 2019
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defines hedonism : a person who lives live for sole plesure
snoop dogg - money + weed sqaured
by John Doe October 21, 2004
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A very beautiful person both inside and out. Yet she doesn't pay much attention to herself. Ahad is Someone who cares about everyone's feelings. She can be pretty mean but she still cares. She doesn't put alot of confidence in herself and she tries everything she can to be there for somebody in need. She has been though alot if things so make sure you don't put pressure on her to be perfect, although she tries to be. If you get a chance to date her take it because she will make you the happiest person in the world. Once you get to meet her she is extremely shy... But then when you warm up to her, she is one chatterbox and will be pretty crazy. But Ahad is a good friend to have around. So if you have her, don't loose her. And if you get on her bad side... You might wanna get off. She isn't afraid of nobody and will beat you up in an instant if you put her in that position. So... If you find an Ahad. Just remember, don't take her for granted. She will always surprise you with her strengths. And will try hard to hide her weakness's. She tries to avoid hurt and pain because she has been through alot of it.
-How's that fine Girl dude?
-She's Ahad man!!
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by Humpty-Dumpty007 March 21, 2019
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Ahd ( also spelled Ahad) is an Arabic Quranic girls name meaning covenant and promise . The arabic spelling is عهد !
Person: what is her name ?
Person 2: her name is Ahad
by Funnylol1111 June 01, 2018
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