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A group of highly trained individual tasked with mobile and online eradication of nonces. Daily jobs consist of many things from diving deep into the realm of Tik Tok, observing Danielle Cohn's YouTube comment section, and on foot operations involving the physical take down of nonces, and sentencing. All jobs are co-ordinated by highly intelligent people, determined to eradicated the noncery in this world.

Ranks can be earnt with good service, beginners are given the rank of Private, and can work their way up to Chief Nonce Destroyer.
"I'm excited to join The Nonce Patrol ranks"
by Thot Patrol 69 May 31, 2019
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What I say when my definitions are rejected.

So how about this one?
'Definition not published'

Me: Fuck Sake
by Thot Patrol 69 June 1, 2019
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Can be contracted when you come into contact with a spaz / spazmoid , when contracted your brain will succumb to ways of the spaz people within a couple days of the infection setting foot into your bloodstream, therefore, making you, a bloody spazmoid.
"I think I contracted a serious case of Spazmoiditis"
by Thot Patrol 69 May 31, 2019
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With the younger generations which I am apart of myself, Essex Boys tend to think they are hard just because they got the latest Gucci and got parents ballin' in the money, they ride around the county with their scooters and BMX's and live on a diet of McDonald's McFlurrys they stole and Energy drinks, however some of us are a bit more like me, a bit shyer, very introverted, hard working and respectful to others in public at the very least.

When it comes to Essex Girls, only a part of the stereotype is true. No Essex girls wear fucking Stilettos, fact. And not all say 'you alright love?' every two fucking seconds, however only a couple do actually do that. The part that is true, is that Essex Girls are for the most part, very slutty and gravitate towards the traditional 'Cool Guy' who they will inevitable suck off everyday after school and then start dating only to break up 2 hours later. They wear extremely tight and short skirts to school, that throughout the day will 'conveniently' creep up their body to the point where their ass is almost exposed. Their faces are approximately 70% makeup and these girls jump to conclusions quicker than Usain Bolt can do the fucking 100m sprint. They often wear shorts, maybe skinny half ripped jeans, extremely tight leggings, mini skirt, crop tops, latest Adidas and Nike shit, ten tonnes of makeup, perfume and more fucking perfume, Victoria Secret shit or just any bra or panties that make you look a fucking slut.
"Some Essex people are nice, others... Not so much"
by Thot Patrol 69 June 1, 2019
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Well we've all heard of the Ghost Busters, so the Thot Busters are essentially the same thing, but instead of killing ghosts, they bust down thots.
Who you gonna call

by Thot Patrol 69 May 31, 2019
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A statement that has become very popularised in the last decade or so, which for the most part, is true. It refers to a man who compliments the woman he so desires, treats her right, gives her plenty of gifts, supports her and just shows her how much she really means to him, who will inevitable finish last in both general life and relationships, whereas the traditional asshole, due to their egotistical behaviour, confidence and manliness, ultimately wins the race.

Many women deny this simple fact to make themselves look more credible when they actually don't mean it, and instead say "Nice guys win in the long run", but the simple thing is, life is short, life is a 100m sprint, not a marathon. In the 100m sprint, there is no winner in the long run.
Some friend: "Why didn't she go on that date with you man?"

Me: "She went with that cheating prick over there. This just proves that nice guys finish last"
by Thot Patrol 69 June 1, 2019
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