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The name is mostly common in South America, like Argentina and Uruguay. It is also common in Italy. About most of the Uruguayans have Italian blood, so its passed on.
Girls that are named are usually inspirational, they are dreamers,adventurous, they also love the excitement.
Also are commonly known to have big butts, or close to it.
I would suggest to become very good friends with a person like that, because they never give up on their friends, and they are very moving. At the end they are beautiful people.

Agustina: "Perfect Ass of the Year".
by whatsgoingon April 12, 2009
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A Hispanic girl with a big ass and nice tits and amazing girl to have have as a friend and even better to have as a girlfriend!
I'm dating Agustina Bozas and she is the best girlfriend ever I have servel girlfriend but she made me realize what love really is and she is by far the best girlfriend I have ever had!
by Lawson.jared February 13, 2013
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Agustina is very fun to be around. She makes jokes and she also laughs at yours. Sometimes she can laugh WAY TOO MUCH. She is only social when she feels like it. She can be grumpy and grouchy, but when she's not, she's super sweet. She loves the smell of old people and rotten egg farts.
I love being around Agustina when she is not grumpy.
by Leahnchiara July 02, 2017
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