Against me! is by far the best band ever. They are down to earth, and rock the fuck out of human kind.
Against me! beleive that pints of guiness make you stronger.
by Whitney December 17, 2003
the band that is both the epitome and the saving grace of the punk community.
Against Me's cd "Reinvinting Axle Rose" is probably one of the best albums ever.
by bat comander October 26, 2003
Greatest fucking punk band... a phenoix rising from the ashes of the punk scene
by punkmasterflex May 25, 2004
An awesome band that never signed to Fat Wreck Chords, simply released a CD on their label on a non-contract basis.
AM! rocks, but damn yo their 12 year old fans can be dumb
by Carrot June 1, 2004
An anarcho-punk band from Gainsville Florida, who, contrary to poular belief, did not sell-out.
"did you hear Against Me! is re-inventing axl rose?"

"good, i fucking hate that guy.'
by Buck-eye January 25, 2007
Jack: Hey Jill, that's an interesting tattoo. Don't you know that Against Me have essentially pissed in the face of every fan they used to have by turning their old music into a bunch of fucking lies?
by InterstateEight September 13, 2007