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Someone who went with her own style and got labeled a poser. Funny how quick people who say they're against labels slap labels on people, huh? fscking hypocrites. Punk isn't about how you sing or dress, punk is about being yourself and not conforming yourself to the way other people want you to be. And as soon as somone comes along that actually doesn't conform to an expected singing style, all the self-proclaimed 'unconformists' slam her for what she likes. She didn't cause the downfall of anything, maybe she only exposed the hypocrits in the punk community. The Ramones did plenty of 60s pop songs, but come on! They were one of the best punk bands of the 20th century. You don't have to like her (I think her voice is... less than perfect) but if you're going to not like her, don't do it for a reason that's so popular, like the label of "poser." She didn't ruin punk, it's still a great form of music.
"OMG avril is a poser. :O ::turns on Good Charlotte::"
by Carrot May 07, 2004

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My favorite band of all time. People criticize them and say they aren't punk, but isn't punk about not adhering to an image anyway? The Ramones had songs that were fun to sing along to and were probably the first and last perfect US punk band. No one will ever be like them.
Gabba gabba hey!
by Carrot May 07, 2004

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An awesome band that never signed to Fat Wreck Chords, simply released a CD on their label on a non-contract basis.
AM! rocks, but damn yo their 12 year old fans can be dumb
by Carrot May 31, 2004

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The lowest of the low....a player with so little skill at a game that they resort to killing other players as they respawn in an effort to score some frags. Generally despised, an insult in itself to anyone who does not indulge in it.
Hey you, spawnkilling n00b, go get some skill
by Carrot March 14, 2004

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The killing of one's own teammates through one of three circumstances:

a) Lack of skill and shooting them accidentally, causing either death by fire or falling

b) Deliberately as an act of malice and/or general stupidity

c) Deliberately as an education to the killee regarding their own antisocial behaviour, a punishment meted out by skilled players such as LOLMAN
Ha Ha.... LOLMAN teamkilled that spawncamping n00b
by Carrot March 14, 2004

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basically a phrase instead of "oh my gosh" etc. it's rather fun to say, and it sounds cool. besides, if something astounds you, your head is busy thinking so it makes sense
Oh my head! You have the coolest shoes!
by Carrot December 11, 2003

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A medical condition I use with my boss when I dont feel like comming to work. It means you're very thirsty.
"I can't come to work today, my polydipsia is acting up."
by carrot November 04, 2004

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