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Afroditi is the best girl you will ever meet. Kind, loving, beautifull, sexy, funny, sweeter than nutella and she is just Perfect. She hates lies and you are a fucking idiot if you break her heart because she can become the best woman and wife for you. If she loves you consider yourself the luckiest human alive. Always tell her she is perfect because she is and even if she doesnt belive you make sure you one day show it to her.
Person1: Afroditi you are perfect.
Afroditi: no i'm nooot.
Person1: You are for me.
by #1410 June 09, 2018
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A great person who believes in magic but has a great sense of humor. She can be random sometimes but still it's okay. May also have oppressive parents but she can find a way around it.
Look at Afroditi being slick by deceiving her parents.
She is so great, she is Afroditi!
by TheGreatSpirit October 03, 2016
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