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An awesome girl of epic proportions. Every guy would be lucky to have one of these as a girlfriend as she's extremely friendly, loves making new friends and puts others before herself. She has amazing potential and just needs to unlock it through doing what she loves. She is adorable, cute, beautiful, gorgeous, hawt and sexy at the same time. Once you grab hold of one of these it is wise to not let go as it is extremely hard to get her back unless she deems you worthy. Literally amazing person.
"Dude see that sexysauce girl over there, she's such a Benita"
by CarmenLacyOakUmiDelsin October 06, 2011
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In Latin means "The Blessed". Super Hot Mexican Philipina girl whom everyone fantasizes about, But her Salsa is just to hot for you she prefers cuban sausage. Very sweet, outgoing, loves to laugh. But dont make her eyebrow frown the wrong way. That sweet face could easily turn to a Crazy Lady from deep below the depths of all hell. She so strong that she can put ancient martial arts moves on you and make you crap your pants!!! So beware and be nice...
"Oh my that girl is sooo Benita!!!"
"Watch out she might pull a Benita on your ASS!!!
by jaxcity33 February 04, 2010
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Benita is one of the bossiest girls you ever meet she is nice but sometimes she will get in your way if you’re new she’ll pull you around but she would love to be your friend
Is that Benita I will love to be her friend
by Queen rayy May 10, 2018
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A 'Benita' is a person that is one-of-a-kind. A 'Benita' is extremely tall, extremely Italian, and EXTREMELY ashby. A 'Benita' is one of those kinds of people that everyone loves, because it is extremely hard to hate this kind of person. This type of person has a knack for making others laugh, loves music, and dreams big. It would be a shame for people to not know and love a 'Benita'.
Dude, that Benita over there is playing ninja and winning. She's made of awesome.
by The Nun That Swears A Lot June 07, 2011
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A bull who really enjoys charging sometimes and is completely hilarious. Benita is also the top sav is not only brampton or bolton but all of Canada. Prefers to go by the names Benny or Ben. When hanging out with benita beware of her and Dan vs Nature or as she calls it... the ass book.
benita don't charge!

yo be careful or else benny's bout to give u baisti!

yo u benny?
by gmbenks June 10, 2018
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A Benita Is a small hyperactive indian child who moves her hands alot when she speaks, She has a passion for Edward Scissor hands, and enjoys the sims, She can talk to birds & speak very very fast. People enjoy benita because she is indian. She makes nice Latina Fresh, and lives in a cresent. She's Henni she's High & pumpkin pies with sesame seeds are her favorite, Bandaids Soother her.
"Oh my she's acting like a Benita today"
"Oh golly she's doing a Benita"
by Amanda Apple August 12, 2008
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