So out of breath that you wish you were dead.
June: Nice aerobic workout.
Sheila: I wish I was dead.
by ICU2Marathon October 12, 2015
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An established mindset of positivity along with purposeful activities that transform commuting into an enjoyable, healthy and rewarding part of one’s life.
My commute is no longer a grueling ordeal since I started practicing the principles of aerobic commuting.
by TheAerobicCommuter1 November 17, 2010
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The crazy athletic movements and gyrations it takes to unload a stuck-up in there b.m.
Man, I shoulda layed off the cheeze, I had to do some toilet aerobics to drop that bomb.
by Limerick Queen July 29, 2008
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Series of binge drinking in an effort to prepare one's liver for even more hardcore drinking.
Bob: What are you doing this weekend?
Moe: A little bit of liver aerobics. Got to be ready to hit Dollywood hard.

Tom: What's with Moe?
Matt: Liver aerobics. (Moe face down on couch.).
by Bigmoe July 2, 2013
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An intense sport involving strength, flexibility, talent and co-ordination amongst other things.

Fans of the sport include, the Senior Boys Basketball Team, 1st 11 Rugby Team and various other males who stop to watch trainings.
Guy 1-"dayum did you see those aerobics chicks sitting in the splits in a circle?"

Guy 2-"yeah! i watched for over an hour til they shut the curtains. far they're hot!"

Sportless Girls-"fark those aerobics chicks are toned, lets join the Aerobic Gymnastics team"

by dalewhat? July 24, 2008
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The act of rapidly clenching your butt cheeks until they begin to puff the ass of your pants out (commonly done with a friend).
Sara and I had an intense session of anal aerobics last night.

My ass hole is getting saggy, i totes magotes need to do some anal arobics
by gayferMcqueer January 2, 2014
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One who applies the basic principles of aerobic commuting and thus enjoys his or her commute.
My daily commute has become my favorite time of the day since I read "The Aerobic Commuter".
by TheAerobicCommuter1 November 7, 2010
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