Advisors are the highest-ranking aliens on Half-Life. Their body shape is worm-like and they have robotic devices to enhance their abilities. They have a long, disgusting, long tongue that can inject into numerous materials (e.g. flesh, skin etc. etc.) And it's probably how they feed themselves. They have the ability to levitate and fly. They have telekinetic powers as they can crush, pull/push things with their mind. They have a weird, ancient-looking collar around their... Neck? Anyways, It has some strange signs and it probably means something, meh.
(noun) Flying maggot

Oh, Hi Advisor! *death*
by Solo_D January 8, 2017
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Hairy balls. Used in context with Woodrow Wilson
"Man did you see that hottie Lori at the show last night?

Yea, she had Woodrow Wilson and
the advisors at attention."
by TDoug June 11, 2008
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Most corrupted review site there is. You can pretty much garauntee every business on there with a five star review has begged for it.
Waitress: Did you enjoy your meal? Don't forget to leave us a five star review on trip advisor.

Me: What do I get out of advertising your restaurant?

Waitress: Nothing
by Goth Doll September 6, 2020
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Helps people at the dealership when they are having car problems.
Service Advisor works long hours, gets paid very little, and takes the blame for everything.
by dcdlrjrcp October 10, 2009
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Worst possible job in a dealership in which everything is your fault, people curse you daily and your coworkers are worthless.
Hey man lets go fuck with a service advisor today and make his job even harder than it already is!
by Johnjingle July 24, 2013
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"Are you having a Mojito Diablo or an Italian Apple martini?"
"I dunno, let me consult the Spiritual Advisor on duty."
by vegasrew April 18, 2007
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A person who helps someone through their first drug high.
Sarah took acid for the first time. Jess was there to be her trip advisor.
by Hary Gofman January 14, 2022
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