Engineering, architecture, agriculture, and veternary school in Ames, Iowa. Home of the Cyclones. Beautiful campus filled with attractive women and an over abundance of men. Attracts people that want a good education that enables them to be successful after college. Home of VEISHA, a yearly party in the late spring.

Officially named: Iowa State University of Science and Technology. Not to be confused with the State University of Iowa in Iowa City, a liberal arts academy with a law school and medical school tacked on for good measure.
"You went to Iowa State?"


"What branch of engineering are you?"

"I'm animal science, actually."

"Oh yes, I've heard about that."
by mumford_malone December 12, 2011
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Cow College (n)
Founded by a cow on March 22, 1858. Known globally for its Vet-Med school and a main contributer to the Manhattan Project. An overall amazing school for any science and technology.
Person 1: Damn boy, I need to find me some place to study animal biology with a minor in nuclear weapons.

Person 2: Well you can choose your adventure at Iowa State University!
by Odysseus14 November 24, 2008
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Once a good University for science, again, and engineering, now has become an overcrowded college that sees you as more of a number than a person. But hey, tuition is dirt cheap and beer flows along Welch
Man I got in to iowa state University ! Go tornado bird things!
by Surferdude716 January 16, 2016
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Good college for the following, nuff said:

Graphic Design
Interior Design
Industrial Design
Integrated Studio Arts
Landscape Architecture
Tim: "I'm going to Iowa State College of Design"

John: "What a great school for design!"
by John Mcgrubber December 10, 2010
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