An attractive, honest, loyal and trustworthy person, smart and fun to be around and very funny, likable, popular
That girl is so much an Adrienne, I have to get to know her
by rbdrjbrb February 05, 2010
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Amazing, Extremely sexy, Attractive, tendency to geek out to music and random things, cute, funny, amazing in bed, awesome kisser, nice ass , AMAZING PERSONALITY!!!
adrienne: I love you
tom:so what are you doing
adrienne:watching the little mermaid "under the sea under the sea"
by amazing16 April 02, 2009
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A Adrienne is litteraly the most ginuine and most beautiful person ever. You should respect her because should hold because she know how to comfort and love you unconditionaly.shes super trustworthy and beautiful(Fr tho she's like the baddest bitch alive ). She has the qualities that only an Adrienne can have. A super rare occurrence so you should keep her safe because she is often mislead by people that she is to good for and she doesn't notice. Ily girlll your besti -kandace
"Damn that girl hot, what's her name again"? "Oh that's Adrienne"
"Why is she the best person ever?". "because she's Adrienne "
by Crusty cabbage December 14, 2019
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One smokin ass bitch .
Good in beddd deffinatley.
Crazy as shit.
Knows how to have lots of fun.
man: Do you see that sexy figure over there its deffinatley an adrienne.
Man2: its funny too.Your right deff an adrienne.
by TiddleMyBits26 October 25, 2009
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a person who is often considered crazy,they are usually walking around with a confused smile on their face
"Look at that wondering kid, that certainly is an adrienne."
by shingala May 02, 2008
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Adrienne is somebody who sends butterflies through your stomach. Adrienne is somebody who makes you happy, and makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Adrienne is somebody who will listen to you. Adrienne is somebody who will be there for you. She wants you to be happy. She is loyal, and compassionate, and at the same time is a silly, fun loving goofball that everyone wants to hang out with. She is understanding and supportive, and her qualities make her stand out from everyone else. Adrienne is an example of what the perfect human can be. If you ever find an Adrienne, make sure you cherish them, because the same way you cherish them, they will cherish you a 1000000000 times more.
Wow, Adrienne is so amazing. She is always so funny and awesome to hang around with, and she really is somebody worth having around. She is the best person I know, and I'm so happy she is in my life.
by fuwa November 27, 2020
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