When you get adrenaline from anger, fear, or sorrow you get energized, blood rushes through you and your heart beats faster. Useful for fights, as when you have an adrenaline rush you hardly feel punches and your blows will hit much harder.
He started pushing me and shoving me, and I got adrenaline stacked up. The rage and adrenaline led me to beating his ass, and I'm lighter and smaller than he is.
by Teknus November 19, 2005
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A chemical once entered into the blood stream makes the human body capable of the impossible
by Rollin thunder November 25, 2018
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The first full length, major label album by the emo/hardcore band the Deftones, released in August 1995.
High school kid: Hey, I have both of the Deftones'albums; White Pony and the self-titled.

Anyone who is not such an asshead: You stupid little prick; learn to read and use Wikipedia; they have five albums, the first being Adrenaline from '95. I hope your cock gets caught in a combine, assshead.
by Ugly Fishlips November 20, 2006
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Substance secreted by the body when someone is experiencing fear,excitement...makes the heart beats faster and slows digestion..normally dogs can smell it that`s why they attack when feared.
-I was excited,everybody was screaming the adrenaline was pumping I jumped and caught the rim..
-The fans were jubilant, raucous, their adrenaline running high
by joe February 8, 2005
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A highly intoxicating substance released in the body when one is doing something totally bad-a
by the cooler tyler April 23, 2008
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A boner that pops during a rush of adrenaline, in a completely non-sexual way.
When we were going up the lift on the roller coaster, my balls started tingling. At the bottom of the first drop, I had a full-on adrenaline boner.
by rogerthewhale May 2, 2013
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