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When you get adrenaline from anger, fear, or sorrow you get energized, blood rushes through you and your heart beats faster. Useful for fights, as when you have an adrenaline rush you hardly feel punches and your blows will hit much harder.
He started pushing me and shoving me, and I got adrenaline stacked up. The rage and adrenaline led me to beating his ass, and I'm lighter and smaller than he is.
by Teknus November 18, 2005

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n. Hackzors;H4ckz0rs;H4Ckz0r5 : Any number of hacks, which are "good" or better than average, in many ways. Synonyms; hacks hack pwnage
Yo dude, j00r hackzors are t3h 1337 pwnage.
by Teknus September 27, 2005

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