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Used after somebody out witted another person.
Also same as the word "Duh" which means "No shit Sherlock" or "Of course you idiot"
Person A: The answer to 4x6=25
Person B: WRONG! The correct answer is 24. ADOY!
by Fredican July 10, 2008
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used as an exclamation of triumph, mockery, etc., (according to the manner of utterance.)
If you have a disagreement with someone and it turns out you're right. "ADOY!"

If somebody sits down too fast and the chair moves and they bust their ass. "ADOY!"
by the bytman May 29, 2009
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A term used to describe someone who overreacts to a situation with spazy body movement and/or ridiculous facial expressions, thus making them look like a complete ass. If this act is caught on camera it is even worse.
Johnny can't get his locker open. After several tries he begins to get frustrated and decides to violently kick the locker in anger repeatedly. In this particular situation onlookers only see some douche violently kicking a locker/looking like a complete ass. One onlooker might say quietly to a friend "jeez..Adoy!" and the friend would giggle in agreement.
by Shannon042187 October 02, 2006
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