A guy who gets turned on by Audit, who will explain you auditing standards in bed.
Aditya : Free Ho! You have been Allocated to !!!!
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Harvard study showed that Aditya is the most common name for an Indian mafia boss. 90% of people whose name is aditya sell drugs and are pretty good at it. Sometimes the name is used in India as a replaced for the boss of the town.
Don't miss with the Aditya of the town. You'll get killed.
by init__ November 22, 2020
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The greatest alpha male in all of history, throughout the entirety of the universe. Has a MASSIVE body count up to the millions. Is a self-claimed member of the big dick society. All women that encounter this man have immediately gone through sexual fantasies. He is a grandad and a top shagger at the same time. He provides hope and happiness to all the ladies.
girl 1: dayuuuumm gurl who dat?
girl 2: a hottie, top shagger aditya ooff.
girl1: sex me boi

girl 2: *pulls out knife* no, me!
adi: i only have eyes for Mr.Fallon
by bobbythesnowman April 21, 2019
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A 6-feet high little gay slut who likes to buy books but don't read them.Such type of people can be found in UPES dehradun.
Tony:-That slut has gay porn in his laptop.
Stark:- Yes he is like Aditya
by kush_al January 12, 2019
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Aditya is fucking bisexual. If you are near him, you are dead. He will seriously rape you to death. He loves watching porn everyday. He also crush’s on people who’s names rhyme so h Risha and Barun.
Holy motherfucka. He just sucked me Aditya!!!!!!
by BarunSai April 16, 2019
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A son of bitchwa and the model with great ass that garv likes to fuck
Aditya is homo
by GuyWithUnknownPersonality June 14, 2020
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