Aditya is fucking bisexual. If you are near him, you are dead. He will seriously rape you to death. He loves watching porn everyday. He also crush’s on people who’s names rhyme so h Risha and Barun.
Holy motherfucka. He just sucked me Aditya!!!!!!
by BarunSai April 16, 2019
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The biggest cunt in the world. A person who acts like a weeb but sucks at being one. Person named Aditya is usually a nerd with hyper-pretentious nature, this person is believed to be even more useless than Sakura.
Aqua is like Aditya.
by The_white_fang October 30, 2019
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A guy who gets turned on by Audit, who will explain you auditing standards in bed.
Aditya : Free Ho! You have been Allocated to !!!!
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a guy who is always begging for your stuff like your phone, booty, math textbook, money, blow job, mayonnaise, life, car, and virginity
Stop being an aditya.
by aditya's classmate February 8, 2019
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Aditya is a Hindu name for boys meaning “sun-god” People who are named Aditya have tendencies to be; manipulative, emotionally abusive, physically abusive, carry several mental illness, and they are very controlling in relationships. They will continuously gaslight their partner, give ultimatums, and ultimately try change their partner. Everything is right in Aditya’s mind and he does not care who he is hurting. There is no room for anyone else’s ideas, whether they are correct or not. Aditya’s tend to be narcissistic, insecure in relationships and ultimately very evil. Aditya will isolate their partner from anyone and everyone in fear of their partner cheating on them. Little do their partners know that Aditya is cheating on them with girls across the globe. Do not trust Aditya. They are a terrible waste of life. They are chutiya
Girl 1: My boyfriend is very handsome!
Girl 2: Who is your boyfriend?

Girl 1: His name is Aditya!!
Girl 2: Wait... Aditya? Please be careful, I heard he is emotionally abusive to his past girlfriends.

Girl 1: I know... :(
by marathimulgi2000 March 15, 2020
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(Sanskrit, Hindu mythology) the Hindu Sun god , powerful , dominant
The festival of Chath is celebrated to please the god Aditya.
by eddyteddy September 26, 2012
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