The Protagonist of the Universe; the one who is righteous in all that he does. He likes to conceal his abilities because he sometimes underestimates others but not in a demeaning way. He never badmouths anyone behind their back, always wins the hearts of almost everyone who meets him eventually. He can be overconfident and headstrong at times but he rarely fails at anything. He can get salty when someone demeans him multiple times and when that happens not even God can save the offender. The favourite child of his parents and respected by all his peers, he has high moral fibre. Girls swoon over him, but he only goes after the one who completes him, and once he finds her, he absolutely never lets go, loyal as a crab and treats her like his Queen. He can be mischievous as well as dead serious. He lives by the motto - "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility". You can always rely on him for help if you are his friend or family, but if you are his enemy you will be ruined.
Raghav: Our best friend Aditya is such a brilliant human being, I sometimes doubt he is one.
Vinit: Then what is he?
Raghav: Bright and Godlike so maybe as his name implies, the Sun God!
by DemonLord117 November 23, 2021
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Aditya is the sweetest thing ever created and God's number 1 creation. He is smooth with ladies and can make your heart melt with a snap of his fingers. His hair is magically soft and his eyes are mesmerising.
He has an amazing sense of humour but a weak memory... He will probably forget your anniversary and will not remember the colour of your eyes. But he will make sure u eat well and sleep peacefully everyday.

He has an amazing girlfriend whome he loves more than anything and she'll kill you if she finds you flirting or touching him.
Person1: hey can you make me forget everything just by looking in my eyes

Persons2: duh... I'm not Aditya
by Riskyratt. November 24, 2021
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All of the definitions about Aditya are wrong. (Except he can be an asshole by writing you a definition on Urban Dictionary and making you change your bio) Aditya can be very sweet SOMETIMES. He loves Football. He thinks scented candles are overrated (kill him right now but with kindness 🔪💙). Aditya does not need an alarm, send him help. He respects and looks up to Niyathi. No he does not have a life size football poster in his room.
No one :

Not even Niyathi :

Aditya : 9 Am iS ReAlLY EaRlY
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Aditya was the greatest bowling ball of all time. Sadly in world war 3 he was dropped of a plane, because of his size they thought he was a bomb and not a bowling ball.
Aditya was a good bomb.
He was also my pimp.
by Water fish March 5, 2020
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Harvard study showed that Aditya is the most common name for an Indian mafia boss. 90% of people whose name is aditya sell drugs and are pretty good at it. Sometimes the name is used in India as a replaced for the boss of the town.
Don't miss with the Aditya of the town. You'll get killed.
by init__ November 22, 2020
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Are the sweetest type of guys who are probably always foul mouthed but are a very interesting human beings and are fun to be around. They are popular with girls because of there musical handsomeness or due to there love for sports.
They are very talkative but even when going through harsh times they always have a smile and will never tell anyone how hard a life is for them,these type of guys are good to date as they are very loyal towards there love and they would also never let they're friends from going through a problem.
Oh he is so interesting must be Aditya!
by Hakaha November 23, 2021
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a person who thinks he is so smart but gets rejected by everyone and makes weird noises and threatens to hit people with a metal ruler. he is brown and his catchphrase tends to be something shit like "do you know what happens to naughty girls??"
he is known for always airdropping useless pictures and his best friends are Indian and useless like him.
"he just called me naughty. i think he is an Aditya."
"his friends are so dumb and Indian, he is aditya"
"im sure he's an aditya- hes threatening me with a ruler"
by xH()e November 14, 2017
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