The act of using your iPhone to hijack someones Apple TV. Especially useful to piss off a teacher who uses an Apple TV for class.
Student 1: I'm going to prank the teacher.
Student 2: Good luck
Apple TV: *Switches to porn*
Classroom: *laughs*
Teacher: Ok... Who's airdropping?!
by TheWinningTrashCan July 20, 2016
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More commonly referred to as "Cropdusting," it is the act of deliberately farting while moving through an area with many people, usually an office, and leaving the area before the smell sets in. The perpetrator escapes, but everyone else is left to rot in the horrendous stench. This maneuver is often executed by new foreign girls with names such as Yun Li, and can cause permanent psychological damage to its victims.
Jim: "I swear, Ron, if that Yun Li chick pulls another airdrop, I'm gonna lose it!"

Ron: "I hear ya, buddy. It's been getting worse lately. Just the other day, she dropped one so bad that it set off the fire alarm!"

Jim: "If she understood English we might be able to tell her to knock that shit off!"
by Potato Sack March 14, 2008
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The sexual act of one person farting into their partner’s mouth whilst having their ass eaten by said partner. Partner inhales the fart and then gently transfers it, via a mouth embrace, into the fart originator’s eagerly awaiting mouth and lungs. The gasses can be transferred between the participants mouth and lungs as many times as seen fit per the parties, until the bond is complete.
Alex airdropped me until I was blue in the face.

Kelly just airdropped me and I think she’s seeing someone else. It tasted different this time.

Bro, I’m telling you right now; if you don’t Airdrop her, someone else will.
by thethreehorsemen September 28, 2019
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To send a nude photo, such as a dick pic, to others anonymously via iPhones airdrop capability.
“I totally airdropped my dick to everyone on the airplane.”
by Omnipresence8 July 26, 2019
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When you expect to take a solid dump, but just straight arid dry fart comes out filling the bathroom with the stench of a thousand dead corpses who just ate boiled eggs..
Man I thought I had to shit, but instead just ended up shooting an airdrop for like five mins.
by Rigatoni13 December 17, 2017
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Much like the ordinary definition of this word, the modern era uses the term "AirDrop" to signify a special event where participants are able to receive free tokens or cryptocurrencies into a digital wallet for a small task or even for free. These AirDrops have resulted in many people scoring free money - and it becomes more valuable over time in many instances.

Interesting note:

Apple Inc coined the first digital version of the phrase- and it means to digitally drop off a file or message to another apple device- and it similar to Bluetooth filesharing.
This example is a fictional one.
"Free AirDrop of the Woop-Dee-Doo Coin today in your Woop-Dee-Doo wallet"
by Lorilikes December 25, 2017
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an idiot who falls for a cryptocurrency cloning scam, or a verb describing one.
"Who was that guy?"
"Some airdrop who lost 50 large on MoneroV"
by nohupt July 3, 2018
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