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Aditya is one of a kind. Named after the Sun God ( Hindu Mythology ) he is a tesseract bubbling with infinite energy. He would know when to act like Shinchan(everybody knows him) and when to behave seriously like Harvey Specter(Suits reference -USAnetworks)
He may not show his energy through excitement or restlessness but stay still and shall think before reacting towards a situation.
Though weirdly wonderful aditya's are generally mistaken for complete introverts, they just take their time to get comfortable around something or someone to study that or them.
No matter how much someone restricts his progress he finds his way around and in the end of the proverbial longer run, kicks ass.
Aditya has many dreams and desires and equipped with endless imagination and willpower even the 6 infinity stones(MCU reference) together cannot stop him.
Harvey:- Donna ,that new guy is here for just a while and yet

solved 15 cases and land in 2 clients. How did he do that!
Donna:- Harvey , he is Aditya.
(again , sentences in reference to suits )
by ADgagare May 9, 2019
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