The type of person you'd go get a cheeseburger with at 2 am.
Hey adena, are you awake? Im hungry!
by Istoleyourchikennugget November 13, 2018
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A selfless woman who would sacrifice anything for her family. She always smells wonderful. She does not have to wear makeup to be "hot". She has a smile that her can make you fall in love, but if it has been awhile since she has flashed one of those smiles, stay alert. She is very smart, and 90% of the time knows if someone is lying or telling the truth. Adena deserves to be loved like a queen. Adena loves listening to music and can dance in a way that makes her man want to dick clap!
Adena doesn't have to wear makeup to look pretty. She's hot af!
by ^sė7ėΠ× November 29, 2021
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Adena is a pretty girl. Loves others more than she loves herself. Gives more than she receives. She is obsessed with love and romance and can’t live without it. A great friend and a loyal one too. Adena is most likely the life of the party.
Adena is friendly and flirty
by Xoxoxo12344566 November 23, 2021
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The girl was labeled adena after how she teased all of the boys.
by jerseylady October 26, 2007
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Can you give me some adena plz?
You can teleport to Adena from Hunters Village
by DarkWind December 1, 2007
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of Concordian origin, one who is evil, thinks of men as prey, yet she is gorgeous and special... oh and loves Mike Browning and Jeff Baker

probably the best proof of Herp Derp
Herp + Derp = Adena Wise
by Nectar of the Gods December 6, 2010
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