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Is commonly the name of a european person. He is very beautiful, some say hes freakishly good looking. He has great fashion, girls go crazy for him. His personality is bubbly, sometimes he is happy, sometimes sad. Overall he is absolutely stunning, inside and out!
"Man have you seen that Adem, hes banging hot"
by Stefanie. T September 13, 2009
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When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked.
X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
by TripleWest September 03, 2012
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has the most beautiful curly hair and is overall the most amazing person you will ever meet. his sex game is off the charts and will have you screaming (in pleasure ;)). but he is lowkey a butthead lollz.
you can't help but love an adem <3
my boyfriend called adem is the fucking best!!!
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by sammyxkarina November 15, 2020
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1st person: "I have three girlfriends."
2nd Person: "Omg, you're acting just like Adem!"
by itdoesntmattertbhlmao May 13, 2015
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A pure pimpin guy, this chicks scream his name
hes freakishly good looking
girls go crazy over him really good at sports making money and being pimpin'
Nice and mad to hang out with

Hes crazy and has a 6 pack of abs

Chick 1: Adem best sex you can get

Chick 2: I know right!
by Destortion43 November 19, 2010
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The squares on waffles, which before were not known to have a name.
"Make sure you get the syrup in all of the adems, it makes the waffle taste better."
by Swaguar September 02, 2013
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