Greedy, lustful, but a great man respects girls. Often betrays friends, but a fun man, pal to hang out with.
"I'm the worst," stated Adean, looking back at a girl with a nice grin with his beautiful face, "I love Roombas!".
"Stop being such a-not Adean!" RoomieOfficial said.
by That One Plant Guy May 16, 2020
a baddie and doesn’t care. adeane will date someone if they don’t talk to their enemy. bros over girls
adeane by fly
nahh he be adeane
by Adeane March 14, 2018
Total awesomeness in humanoid, often lives near Iona.
Someone who can make the best ever popcorn.
Someone who falls over alot and therefore dislikes snow and ice.
Person 1: I fell over alot in the snow this week
Person 2: Well done Adeane!
by HalfbloodedTimelord December 19, 2011