Roomie is Joel Berghult, a Swedish singer-songwriter, one-man-band and music producer. He is mainly known for his YouTube videos.

In addition to singing, Joel plays a multitude of instruments on his recordings including drums, bass, guitars, piano, synths, glockenspiel and percussion.

Joel grew up in Lerum, a suburb of Göteborg, and started playing and writing music at an early age. His father Bo Berghult, a talented amateur musician who at the time had released two original albums, provided Joel with both instruments and music production software. From age 13 Joel did paid music production work in his spare time. In 2007, Joel attended the Ljungskile College of Music, specializing in jazz drumming. However, he was still drawn towards rock music, and during his college time he also refined his singing, music production and instrumental skills beyond drumming. In May 2010 he started the band Roomie , and in September he uploaded the first Roomie music video to YouTube. Roomie is now a solo project, he uploads mostly original songs, a how to play series, funny songs including a Pokémon go diss track. His 1 guy 14 voices video also went viral getting him on TV shows. He has made some songs for the famous Swedish gamer Pewdiepie. He now resides in London with his girlfriend Beth. You can find his channel here:
"I go on YouTube and listen to RoomieOfficial sing."
by RoomiesBetter August 6, 2016