4 definitions by That One Plant Guy


Greedy, lustful, but a great man respects girls. Often betrays friends, but a fun man, pal to hang out with.
"I'm the worst," stated Adean, looking back at a girl with a nice grin with his beautiful face, "I love Roombas!".
"Stop being such a-not Adean!" RoomieOfficial said.
by That One Plant Guy May 16, 2020

To have fun even at a depressing period of time.
"I am pretty sad at the moment, nothing is going great for me..." stated Kevin.
"Don't feel so sad... show your Najisma!" answered Deavin.
by That One Plant Guy May 21, 2020

An action performed by pulling down a person's pants to check if the person is either a male or a female.
What is your gender? Do you mind if I give a Pant Check?
by That One Plant Guy May 19, 2020

A word used to describe the "sacky-ness " of a toe, comparable to a ballsack. Mostly used as a joke.
That toe-sack is juicier than normal ...
by That One Plant Guy May 18, 2020