3 definitions by May-be

Loners for Life. Used in a way to accept oneself.
Ugh, I always make a foul of myself around Liam...but that's ok I love being an LFL with my friends.
by May-be May 31, 2015
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A boy who catches your eye immediately and knows how to keep your attention. He is always happy and positive matching his gleaming eyes and bright smile which always lights up his face. This boy is nice to almost everyone he meets and is the crush of many wishful girls. He is super popular and athletic. This boy is definately not modest though, he is very full of himself and will constantly remark on his attractiveness.
You're eyes sparkle like a Liams.
by May-be May 31, 2015
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A very pretty girl with smooth flowing hair. She has a lot of friends and loves to gossip. This girl can not keep secrets, whether her own or someone else's. An Addie will fall in love very easily; just seeing someone she finds attractive can make her have a crush for a couple years. She plays a couple sports but isn't the star of any of the teams. An Addie will make amazing friend, even through her love of gossip.
Look at how beautiful that girl looks...What's her name?

Oh her, she's Addie.
by May-be May 31, 2015
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