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When a person, usually female but could be male, is addicted to dick. Symptoms include the inability to stop thinking about dick (the thought of it, sucking it or fucking it) and/or the constant need or desires to have their hole(s) filled.
Person 1: F 20 Albany, NY
I cannot stop thinking about dick, I need someone to fill my holes! I’m Addickted!
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by Biboy18 July 30, 2018
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When a female becomes hooked on a mans dick after having sex with him once.
guy1: I heard you hit britney from 1st period. nice!

guy2: Yea but that bitch wont get off my nuts now. She's addickted!
by That boy buck August 11, 2008
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when a female becomes obsessed with with a guy after having sexual relations with his dick
After Allen and Emily had sex, Emily became addickted to Allen addicted obsessed
by irronicfinder April 07, 2010
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Where being a slut is a choice, being addickted is not. having sex is like a drug to them, they cannot stop even if they wanted to. Being Addickted is a medical illness wich only age will cure, in most cases.
Jerry: "Veronica is such a slut."
Ted: "No Jerry, she's addickted."
Jerry: "Sorry man, I didn't know."
by amplifudge February 15, 2017
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