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An Adarsh is a very cool person with lots of swag. Usually has lots of friends and is seen as very attractive. Can usually be characterized by the mob of fans following them
Oh wow that guys has so much swag. His name must be Adarsh.
by TotallyReliable March 15, 2015
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an individual who is also classified as a pimp, mack; one who who attracts too many fine women; ultimate pimp
"your goin out with Carmen electra. whered you learn to become an Adarsh."
by Adarsh November 05, 2003
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A clueless fellow who goes with the flow, he is always up for a party and doesn't give a darn. He sometimes goes by the name "Sexy Daddy Darsh"
by Papa Orรฉgano April 07, 2017
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In Hindi, it means "Ideal". In a recent scam in India, a few politicians and bureaucrats, scammed war widows by gifting the apartments meant for them in a Housing Society named Adarsh to their relatives.

This turn of events has led to the use of Adarsh with politicians or anyone corrupt.
His bank account is loaded with millions. He is truly an Adarsh Politician.
by seksi_guy143 November 02, 2010
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A loser who everyone rejects. He can't get any girl so he goes for the boys instead, but still gets rejected. He's super weird and no one likes him. He's also super ugly.
I hate that kid. He's such an Adarsh.
by AdarshIsAFag October 30, 2016
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