A car made by mitsubishi, that is totally gangster and totally sick. many a times gangsters roll around in this car and shoot living crap out of other gangsters and roll to the sick beats blaring out of the speakers.
Yo b, if we gonna tank da crips we betta use yo galant fo a quick getaway.
by rpLock September 3, 2006
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Mitsubishi Galants are fast because:

1) 6g (1987-1992) Galant VR4 is the prototype of Lancer Evolution, using the same DOHC 4G63T, which is still a top level engine even in today's standard;

2) 7g and 8g (1992-2003) Galant VR4 (not legal in US) features a twin turbo V6 engine (6A12TT or 6A13TT) that makes the car totally a sick sleeper;

3) Any 6g, 7g, or 8g Galant with a 4 cylinder engine can perform 4G63T DOHC head swap or complete engine swap, and it's drop-in easy. In the US, these parts are usually taken from Evo VIII. Doing so, you'll have a Evo with Galant's clothing.
If you own a 4 cylinder Galant but don't swap 4G63T, you've lost half of your life.
by DnakOmnik May 5, 2011
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1.Majestic, Heroic in battle and blablabla

2. Someone who searches to please woman.

3. A man who loves all women as womens, a lover. Someone who seeks intimate relations with them. While generally applicable to older men, galant men do not rely on their beauty or physics, but on their talents and knowledge on woman. Requires talent, refinment, culture, finesse and great confidence. Generally recongisable by the confidence they project. Found generally in high society and wherever top quality woman can be a match for these top-quality men.
1. Thus the knight fought galantly on the battlefield.

2.1 If I please a women, then she is happy, than my goal is obteined. -quote of a galant(myself)
2.2 There is no ugly woman, only people who can't see well-quote of a galant (myself)

3: -Gosh look at this guy he's ugly
-Yeah, but look at the way he looks at womans, he's a real pro, I heard he has intimate relationships with some of the most regnown woman in town.
by HandofGod111 February 20, 2007
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A Japanese car mostly driven by middle-aged men and women. One of the most plain looking cars on the road. Prototype was actually named the "Gay-Lant", originally aiming to attract the gay population, but upper-management decided to drop the "Y".
That Galant you're driving really fits in this Belmont environment.
by Gildo April 11, 2006
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A car of awe and legend made by Mitsubishi before the 9th generation ruined its reputation since 2004. The word "galant" is taken from French, means "beau" or "chivalrous." Galant was designed as a mid-size family sedan to compete with such cars as Accord or Camry.

There is also a sport version known as Galant VR4. The 6th generation Galant VR4 is the prototype of Evo. The 7th and 8th generation VR4s are not street legal in the US. 9th generation sporty Galant, the Ralliart version (6G75 MIVEC engine) is not cost-efficient when comes to tuning.

A 2.4 liter Galant with a 4G64 engine is a perfect platform to swap Evo's 4G63T engine, not mentioning the 4G64 block can fit into 4G63T and make it more boost-loving. This is a decent way if you want to build a Galant sleeper.
Gearhead: I'm planning to buy a used Evo after I got my year-end bonus.
Dad: What you really need is a commuter car. An Evo will only distract you and waste your hard-earned money.
Gearhead: You're right. Then let me buy a used 4-cylinder Galant, it's completely a commuter car and has great gas mileage.
Dad: You're a good young man!

*A month later*

Dad: Why there is a manual transmission?
Gearhead: I love the forest and animals. In this way the car goes greener.

*Three months later*

Dad: Why there are so many gauges in your car?
Gearhead: So I can monitor the engine and prevent it from over emission.

*Six months later*

The car was featured in a magazine.
by Lancer evolution December 2, 2010
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A respectable man. One who is a gentleman to the ladies and a savage with his friends.
Did you see that Galante move he just did? He got that girls number so fast!
by Zach Leahy March 20, 2017
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Is the most amazing girl in the world. Any Italian guy with a name Federico would be lucky to have her. Although he cannot fulfil her sexual needs because lack of big penis.
by esphirxxx November 26, 2013
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