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Tridha defines a beautiful, bold, smart and badass girl...... She's strong and not afraid to confront anyone or anything and this girl is best friends with her wit...No matter how much she tries, she cannot stop being a friend to everyone she comes across...like a coin, she has her flaws and she knows it....fun, loving yet mature, she was born to rule. Trust her and she'll be by your side forever....consider yourself lucky if you meet her!!!!
Speaker 1: I know this girl, she never shrinks from an honest challenge
Speaker 2: What's her name?
Speaker 1: Her name is Tridha.
by Katherine Barnes June 06, 2018

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Adarsh is the most amazing, loving and supportive person you'll come across. A person who is selfless and will always put you first no matter what.
My point is...you meet him...never let him go
Don't worry, you're not alone if you have Adarsh as a friend
by Katherine Barnes April 17, 2020

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