The act of defecating on someone's face while teabagging at the same time
I noticed he ate corn after getting my supply drop
by PR PENETRATOR December 19, 2017
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Advanced Warfare supply drops. Where you receive a box of randomized loot after playing the game for a while. Contains any from Enlisted, Professional or Elite
I received a supply drop in Advanced Warfare yey!
by GamerTurtle January 24, 2015
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A waste of money to have a chance of getting a skin, variant, reticle, taunt/gesture, or weapons for a game that will last one year, depending on how good it is. IW and AW both sucked donkey chode, so don't bother spending a single cent on them. Black Ops 3 was alright until they released new ranged weapons. IW and MWR seem to be going down that road, especially with the new melee weapons in MWR, and the variants brought back into IW from AW. Don't waste money on this and play a different game if you don't want to be lasered with that fucking Erad variant.
Person 1: God, I love IW. I am going to buy supply drops so I can get that new Erad variant that fires a single concentrated laser beam. I am going to play search and not reload so I don't have to waste ammo.

Person 2: Why waste your time and money with that? You would spend your one hundred dollars better on a vibrator, regardless of your gender.

Person 1: Yeah, but the vibrator won't feel as good as if I was rekting some of the n00bs that try to rekting me.

Person 2: Alright, enjoy bankruptcy and living in your mom's basement.
by HourlongAgate93 January 21, 2017
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A case of FUCK YOU. You gotta grind your ass off for at least 2 hours for a rare drop, just to get a reticle and a shitty camo. You can thank Activision for that.
Vahn : I just got a crow bar in a supply drop
Me : Can I have one?
Vahn : $200 minimum, and then we'll talk...
by ElReyDeAvispas June 14, 2016
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A game mechanic found in call of duty advanced warfare and call of duty black ops 3. This mechanic allowed players to recieve unique camos for their weapons, but was updated in both games to include weapons. A feature added allows players to buy supply drops with real money, effectively turning it into a casino simulator.
Activision CEO: I can't think of anything that could make Black Ops 3 better. Do you have anything, Mr. Vonderhaar?
Vonderhaar: we should add supply drops into the game
Activision CEO: Genius!

Some time later...

Vonderhaar: let's make the supply drops purchaseable with real money and add guns that you have a less than 1 percent chance of getting! fuck the players, amirite?
Activision CEO: Another genius idea from Mr. Vonderhaar
by Saggy fat fuck June 13, 2016
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A pice of shit micro transaction program on the recent call of duties so vanderharr can be rich. And were poor for a small percent of a dlc wepon
Jim-Hey jack did you bye some supply drops.

Jack- bet ur ass i did.

Jim_What u get.

Jack-1 wepone.
Jim- How much did u spend.

Jim- Dumbass
by Vanderharr trolls March 22, 2017
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JK Supply Drop
"JK Supply Drop! JK Supply Drop!!" *puts piece of bread in JK's backpack*
by yeebingus December 1, 2020
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