short for Habbos Assosiated Football League. A couple of teens aged from 11-18 (so they think) get to geather and play games or pick ups on habbo.com. They use real NFL football team names and use real scheduals. They do a great job infringing on NFL copyrights with out being caught.
This is how HAFL is played. There are two different teams on each side of the room. A team could hold 3 to 4 people. The Lane on the right is called the blocking lane. A Person in the blocking lane or BL for short, is responsable for pushing back the other BL on the opponents side. The person next to the BL is an SL or speed lane. He helps the BL take down the other opponints. The first team to get to the other side gets seven points. The game goes up to 56 unless the other team gets to 49 then it is an overtime and the first one up by 14 points win. There are moves called Block and Go, Stright Run, And Brick Wall. A Block and go is when you go to the 4 spot stop and then go. This gives you a beter chance in pushing the other person back. A stright run is a run all the way to the other side. A brick wall is when one team goes to the four spot stops and waits for someone to say go. Stats are keep. Sacks are when you push the BL all the way back to there own side. A block is when you push the apponint back but not all the way. A touchdown is when you are the first one to touch the other side and get the touchdown.
by Crisisofhafl October 09, 2006
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