Verb: Brookline bros gaming with great strategy late at night
Guy1 : We acking tonight

Guy2: Yea 2am be there lets ack it up
by BigMan31 December 27, 2009
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It is like hacking, but acking allows you to forklift cars into the water, Use your phone to drive the car out the water, hack everyone's phone to make sure they don't vote for Donald Trump, and even 3d print lethal weapons while making sure DEDSEC's enemies (I'm talking the NSA, the reptilians, their fierce competitors anonymous, and Donald Trump) doesn't find out.

The term was first coined in the watch dogs 2 world premiere announcement e3 2016. Some of the developers still aren't fully comfortable with the new term, but the creative director for watch dogs has already fully adopted acking into his vocabulary.
"It starts with reality...but in reality acking and people who break systems are pretty creative naturally."

"Why hack one when you can ack them all?"
by BRAM June 15, 2016
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The basic blocks of the Martian language from Mars Attacks.
"ACK ACK ACK, ACK! ACK ACK ACK ACK! ACK." - Martian Ambassador
by Martian Ambassador August 01, 2017
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-Anti air flak, term used in World War I.
Ack-ack downed more planes than dogfights during the First World War.
by syrianarab May 24, 2005
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inconspicuous nickname for marijuana, esp. when used with parents/police present. Can also be used as a verb (See example below)
N.)- Yo lets go get some of that dank ack ack from that kid down the street.
V.)- Im gonna go take a cruise and ack it up if you wanna come.
by ThaStonedGecko January 23, 2007
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