a Swedish Europop band that scored big hits in the 90s. Their debut album "The Sign" was the number one album for the year 1994 in America. The title track was also the biggest song of that year in the U.S.A. Compared to ABBA, the group consists of Joker, Buddha, Lyn Bergssen and Jenny Bergssen.
Wlliam: Wanna hear some Ace of Base?

Leonard: Yeah! I saw some of their videos on TV. Man, those chicks are HOT!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice December 23, 2006
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A swedish Euro pop group whose first hit single in the US was The Sign in 1992. The whole album was badass. They were somewhat of an updated version of ABBA, in which there was a blonde girl, blonde guy, brunette girl, and brunette fat guy.
Have you heard the new Ace of Base album?

See also: ABBA
by ToxicArtichoke November 24, 2006
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AN AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Band from the late 90's ish and its awesome. They rock man.
"Dont turn around you dont wanna see my heart breakin dont turn around i dont want you seein me cry"
by Joel April 23, 2005
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To destroy an object with extreme prejudice in the most heinous way possible without any forethought, as one would when encountering ANY Ace of Base album.
Dude 1: Hey, I heard you bought the new U2 Album,"

Dude 2: Yeah, but it sucked so hard I decided to Ace of Base it with a 12 guage shotgun.
by CrimsonGuard October 30, 2007
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Also can be used to describe the art of beating someone up by giving them a 'Right good kicking!' introduced to the Great British public by Johnny and Denise from Channel 4's Big Breakfast tv programme.
"Watch your mouth or I'll Ace of Base ya, give you a right good kicking!"
by skidd August 9, 2004
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When you know your "in" with a fine piece of ass.
-tyler and joe are at a party talking to two very attractive girls that quickly invite them back to their place. As they follow them into the house they look at each other, and they know

"we got an Ace on Base"

- After approaching a girl she quickly writes down her number on your forearm....Ace on Base
by Braveheart Brothers April 25, 2011
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A dude whose has a loud car stereo system. It could be good or bad.
Damn Leroy is the Ace of Base. or

Look at that asshole he thinks he is the Ace of Base.
by Luap Sille May 4, 2005
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