A super duper hot girl who likes to play video games and eat sandwiches and buffalo wings. She often has lots of amazing friends who love her sense of humor and her adorable short height. She has a rockin' smile and greatly attractive body parts. Usually she has soft, long, silky brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes. She's shy and plays alot of video games that boys play, like Call of Duty. People may envy her but that never bothers her. Also, she loves cleverbot.
Man that Aby is incredibly awesome! I wish i had a girl like that.
by MissFayelien October 02, 2011
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Usually brunette, not loyal in any friendship. Betrays older friends and leaves them out to hang out with new ones. Bratty and annoying. Rude and targets one person to be mean to. Rolls their eyes at everything. Didn’t listen to certain people. Likes to leave people out ,cause drama, and talk about people behind their back. Likes to bring people down.
Person 1: She’s a terrible person!
Person 2: I know right! She’s such an Aby.
by Sollyb99 November 12, 2018
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An average looking girl who thinks she is a lot more attractive than she is. She lets her self go easily and has no true goals in life. She is extremely immature and unloyal in every type of relationship. Her make up is wack and her soaps smells like shit.
Aby is that girl with a bad hair dye job.
by DavidWithTheD August 10, 2018
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She is nice, funny, drop dead gorgeous, and feisty to others when her feelings are hurt. If you're in a relationship with her, then you are very extremely lucky. She has a great personality and is loving to one another.
I love that Aby, just look at her.
by I love that Aby December 22, 2018
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an extremely gorgeous person who is loved by everyone, the funniest one in the group. the one who makes everything memorable and funny. she is talkative in a good way. and the best person to have by your side
that was an aby
by Beast mode ahh November 13, 2019
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A cute and amazing person. Talkative. Really friendly. A person to hangout with. Photography skills r awesome..too kind..smart kid with a very gud smile
I want a person lyk Aby to be my husband
by Crazy grl January 02, 2018
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A beautiful girl with the best heart. Kind to others and takes NO CRAP!! She will beat yo ass if you try testing her so don’t mess with her. Usually has had a rough upbringing so she’s the way she is for a reason. Hustles 24/7 and has no time for nonsense
Girl 1: Wow she’s so pure and amazing

Girl 2: well of course, she’s an Aby
by SparklyUnicorn03 October 24, 2020
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