A cute and amazing person. Talkative. Really friendly. A person to hangout with. Photography skills r awesome..too kind..smart kid with a very gud smile
I want a person lyk Aby to be my husband
by Crazy grl January 02, 2018
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an extremely gorgeous person who is loved by everyone, the funniest one in the group. the one who makes everything memorable and funny. she is talkative in a good way. and the best person to have by your side
that was an aby
by Beast mode ahh November 13, 2019
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Aby is a loving care person. She has nice green eyes. She is an amazing kisser but she also uses her 👅
Aby is an amazing!!
by Amazing cute person December 02, 2018
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A girl with the name aby is gorgeous she has perfect blue eyes and her hair is usually long silky and blond. she has the best personality and she is so fun to hang out with. if she pushes you away don't let her because that means she doesn't want to fall too hard for you and get her heart broken again. but if she is a total bitch to you when she pushes you away you better leave because she is strong and if she gets mad and starts crying because she is so mad you better run. she knows how to cheer anyone up because she never wants to see anyone sad. even if you dont know aby you can talk to her with all of your problems and she will help you out. and aby is usually a hoe, but if she really loves you she wont cheat so be careful.
: do you know who aby is?
:yes she is the sweetest person you will ever meet
by aby September 15, 2020
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A beautiful girl with the best heart. Kind to others and takes NO CRAP!! She will beat yo ass if you try testing her so don’t mess with her. Usually has had a rough upbringing so she’s the way she is for a reason. Hustles 24/7 and has no time for nonsense
Girl 1: Wow she’s so pure and amazing

Girl 2: well of course, she’s an Aby
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by SparklyUnicorn03 October 24, 2020
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